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Moving forward in time.

Today’s tutorial is a really neat age progression tutorial.  This one takes a bit of time but what  cool tutorial if you want to create a wicked witch! Have fun!


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Let’s Talk Shop…..PhotoShop!

You CAN fix that non-smiling child on the Christmas card, in PhotoShop and you don’t have to be a pro. It’s easier in PhotoShop. Like a lot of professional photographers I fancy myself pretty good in PhotoShop, but even I geek out when an upgrade comes out that makes my work even more efficient. Teaching CS 5.5 this semester has been so fun. I have been challenged by my student’s to answer so many questions and I have really enjoyed finding and sharing the answers. Often I’m asked if you can fix a smile or change the direction of something in a piece of stock art, and the answer used to be “yes (insert pregnant pause here) but it’s a lot of work.” My new answer is “yes and in PhotoShop CS 5 it’s a snap.” CS 5 has a feature called puppet warp that allows slight realistic manipulations to art you don’t have time to re-shoot. So no longer do you have to search for a passable frame from a shoot, you can actually correct the small things from that shoot that didn’t go your way. Here is one of my favorite tutorials on puppet warp . It’s only 3 minutes long so trust me you have the time then you’ll want to go play with it of course. Might be just in time for your Christmas photo.

Let me know if you find this useful, leave me a comment!

Breaking up with Lynda…

Did you know you could learn almost everything you want to know about CS 5.5 from Adobe TV free of charge? Lynda.com is a great resource but her knowledge does not come cheap. So, for new media designers on a budget, especially if you had to pay for the Adobe Design Premium Creative Suite with your own money, it’s great to know that the tips and tricks are free. Just visit http://tv.adobe.com and search any question you have about one of the programs. It will bring up a list of episodes related to your topic. This is one of my favorite episodes, Publishing to digital devices. It shows how you can use InDesign CS 5.5 to become an e-publican in an instant! It’s OK, Lynda and I are still friends.