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Tether is back!

For those of you who don’t remember it’s previous 20 hour debut in the appstore, I forgive you! It was clearly only out for a hot minute. The claim was that the software burdened the data networks But now it’s back.  So for 15 dollars a year your can use iPhone or iPad to provide internet access for your laptop. You need to have a data plan on your iPad to use this feature. Who needs this app? Anyone who has ever traveled with his or her laptop and paid 10 bucks for 30 minutes of internet access! Tether is an application you can install from their website.It is also much cheaper to tether from your phone than paying 30 bucks a month for the mobile hotspot feature now offered for iPhones.

There is a downside, It is device specific. You can tether your one computer to your phone, not multiple devices.

Do you Hulu?

I know you are wondering what’s Hulu got to do with business? Let me tell you, a lot. Hulu’s new application  for the Wii console was the white glove challenge to Netflix. Hulu offers streaming TV and Movies and usually in their current season.  This challenges Netflix which only offers TV shows after their season has ended.  The subscription is the same 7.99 offered by Netflix and the offerings are actually a little more pertinent to the business medium. You can find documentaries on both but the financial series options on Hulu actually surprised me.  Shows like “the Business of Innovation”  and “Start-up Junkies”  are worth the fee! The nice feature is you get to try it free for a week and see if it has something that interests you. I’m on my third episode of Start-Up Junkies love it!

Kicking it New School!

New School Marketing is not just a cliché. It is a well-researched approach to how marketers can put their best foot forward in a changing arena. It is no longer acceptable for seasoned veterans to acquiesce to ignorance. Yes. I said it! Get your head out of the hole and get with the program! I don’t mean just hiring a techy to tweet on the companies behalf, but understanding how each component of a new school media campaign work together. The more you know, the better you can calculate the risks of taking your marketing department into this new frontier. So let’s start with the basics.

Responsys Interact offers a wealth of white paper and data on New School Marketing. This is a good place to start learning the basics. If you like what they have to say they offer services that can help your business launch a full-scale campaign and track metrics all from the same CMS. Download their informational white papers and read them over the holiday break. This may give you some new ideas on where to lead your company and marketing department in 2012.

What’s your profile?

Do you know your technographic profile? Are you a conversationalist or just a joiner? I’m a contributor, conversationalist and a joiner which is a normal assessment for an “Alpha Mom.” Studying the profiles of groups you are targeting will help you build interactive marketing plans that are more effective. Wanna learn more? Let’s talk about it! http://www.forrester.com/groundswell/book.html