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Putting glasses on your fisheye lens!

Aahh the love of wide-angle lenses is strong, but the disdain for cone-heads and straight lines that bend is even stronger. PhotoShop CS 5 allows you to correct lens distortion automatically. You no longer need a tilt shift lens to correct building convergence.  This hidden gem tutorial shows you how to correct the distortion, vignetting and coloration variations instantly. Shooting banners and panoramic images just got a lot easier. You can even save and share the presets for your camera and lenses to automatically correct. Love this hidden gem!

The Art history brush, learn to love it!

In this tutorial Julieanne Kost shows you how to set a few default settings in Photoshop to continuously sample from different sources. This is a digital artists playground!

Texture to skin tutorial

This is a fun tutorial that allows you to change skin texture to stone.


Clipping paths from a selection

Today’s tutorial is a quick lesson from my course. In Photoshop CS 5 it is now easier than ever to create a clipping path around an object from a selection.

No laughing at my voice 🙂

Clipping path tutorial

Digital Noise reduction in CS 5

Reducing digital noise is a lot smoother in Photoshop CS5. Here is a quick tutorial on how to clean up digital noise efficiently in CS 5. Digital noise tutorial

Tutorial catch-up! Digital Facials.

Everyone needs a day of rest so today I have two tutorials for you. One of the most sought after commercial Photoshop skills is facial retouching. For brides and high school graduates, it is essential to look your best. It is also key to make the changes look realistic.

So today’s tutorials are about smoothing out facial blemishes. and enhancing eye-color. Both are good skills to have for freelance work that depends on people looking and feeling their best.



Facial Retouching

enhancing or changing eye color

Robotic Frog!

OK I don’t even know where I would use this, but I do like the idea of building robots so that’s today’s tutorial! I think we all need a little more chrome!

Hipster it’s not just for the iPhone image!

So I want to say thanks for taking this journey to the dark side with me. You have all been great sports! I started these photo manipulation tutorials to help start my visual friends thinking about their futures and how to survive in today’s economy. With so many photographers and editors out of work, it is nice to know that there is a way for you to use your skills in the private sector. So continue to check-out the tutorials marked J-P30, short for J-school to the private sector in 30 days. It may allow you to start taking those small commercial jobs to keep the lights on. Who knows, you might even like it! 😉

Today’s tutorial actually has both editorial and commercial contexts. Editorially giving a photo a hipster feel would be great when shooting a special section cover for the wonderful throwback uniforms the NFL teams wear during the season. If you are looking to make a photo illustration that looks right out of the 1970’s this one is for you. Commercially there are clients who sell vintage items that want a period feel for their products so this one works well for that too.  Hipsterizing your digital images

Simple relighting tutorial

Ever want to change the feel of a room shot at the wrong time of day? This Lighting tutorial shows  a simple effective fix. Worth 1000 tutorials are really neat. and range from simple to advanced.



Multiple exposures fashion images

This is a nice fashion photo tutorial that also incorporates illustrator. It is an advanced tutorial that is a little more vague because they assume you understand how to use tools such as define edges.  So if you’re not there yet, save this one!