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Selling your art short… “F* you. Pay me!”

Underselling our abilities is a big problem for creatives. From very early on we are taught to be grateful for the exposure or opportunity. However, intellectual property has value, and should be paid for. Students and interns are often so fearful of rejection by an organization, that they find themselves working for access to big events or the hope of having their image or graphic used in an ad campaign that they settle for terms that are unreasonable by anyone’s standards.This is not for lack of knowledge on the current going rates for usage, heck there are people like me to help with that!

This stems from an intrinsic need of an artist to have their work seen and validated by an audience so badly that they forget the details. I watched a great video yesterday that I found while cruising on Sports Shooter (probably the coolest group of photographers ever.) While the host is a little crass, thus the title of my post, the message rings true about the need for clear communication when negotiating contracts, kill fees and transfer of intellectual property rights.  In this economic time, no contract creative can afford to be stiffed because “funding dried up” or “we had a different vision”

So if you have time, watch and listen.