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Pimp your Prezi!

So, you want to give a presentation that stands out? One that keeps the attention of the students you are lecturing to? Or one that just says you’re cool to the innovative young execs your pitching? Then you need to bring out the big guns and “Pimp out your Prezi!” Prezi.com Is a unique site that helps you make zooming presentations and it hosts them there on the site. So your Prezi’s are wherever you have access to the internet. If you are a mobile collaborator, i.e. MBA student working on a team project or a telecommuter, this is priceless. Each group member can edit your presentation collectively from different locations. One of my favorite Prezi projects is seen here . This Coca-Cola Company Prezi uses the iconic image of the Classic Coca-Cola bottle and turns it into a vehicle to organize and keeps the central focus of the presentation all while creating a unique experience. This Prezi makes the viewer say “Whoa, now this is an experience, not just another PowerPoint!” Don’t forget to check out the YouTube video at the end of the presentation. Nice way to use a simply shot video to build a feeling of community with your audience.

While I love Prezis , there is a potential downside, if not done carefully, you can make your audience dizzy. So watch the amount and speed of transitions. This means the navigation distance between your boxes. Zig-zagging across the workspace is bad! If you use a clockwise direction, you are less likely to cause motion sickness!

P.S. I’d love it if you came back and posted links to your Prezis in the comments!