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IT’s coming!PhotoShop touch for iPad!

I have drooled over this App for a while. I recently shot a wedding and displayed some of the photos on my iPad at the reception. I wished I could have had a little more control over the images before display. You see I took the hour between wedding and reception to quickly load about 25 images on my iPad to position at the guest book table. I wanted the ability to create a cover for the album with the couples name and wedding date on it or remove odd background items.  The apps I had only allowed basic color correction and cropping. If I was going to pay for an app I wanted it to allow me most of the functions of PhotoShop. You see the better these images looked and the more polished a quick presentation, the more photo orders I would likely receive from friends and relatives. I had already secured a great order from the happy couple, this was my chance to influence the impulse buy of people who would also want these images. People who order from me while still at the wedding, increased my bottom line before the wedding was over, call it the wedding glow!

I knew PhotoShop touch was out there, I was just waiting for the iPad version, now, here it is.

BARCELONA: Adobe Photoshop Express is a great, free and highly usable iOS app for quickly fixing up your digital photos, but it pales in comparison to the desktop version of Photoshop. Last year Adobe introduced a solution: Photoshop Touch, but chose to bring it to the Android Tablet market first. Now, as promised, Adobe is finally bringing that powerful image editing capability to Apple‘s iPad 2. The company will announce the new app today in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

iPad slideshows, sooo easy they “Take 5” minutes!

Photo Slideshow Director  is my fun tool of the day! It is an iPad app that allows you to import photos from existing albums from Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook. You can bling them out, add music from your iTunes and then export to You Tube, Facebook, or your device photo album in minutes.  I made this quick slideshow of  some pages produced at the Pioneer Press in about 5 minutes. There are licensing and copyright issues with using music from iTunes that is copyrighted, my use is for illustrative purposes and the music is clearly labeled on YouTube. So I use the rule of playing it for personal use and not to sell a product. So since I get nothing from sharing cool stuff I run across, We should be good! If you do want to produce slide shows for commercial use and are in need of music you can afford the rights to, try As for Photo Slideshow Director, the transitions are smooth and up-to-date with creative backgrounds. This is a great tool to jazz up a presentation or portfolio.

Cheap and easy……. screencasts!

While there are several more expensive programs out there for screen casting, I found that TechSmith’s Jing and Jing Pro are the most cost-effective. This is especially true if the tutorial or presentation you want to create is shorter than 5 minutes or can be broken up into 5 minute segments.  Jing is free, while Jing Pro is about 15 dollars for the year. I use this to teach software to my online students for InDesign and PhotoShop as It allows them to watch the tutorials as many times as they need to learn a specific technique.  They are not polished by any means, and I hate the sound of my voice, but they are effective in quickly sharing.  I use the 5 minute time limits as a way to bridge moving from PhotoShop to InDesign. I then host them from so that they play on all computers in the same clean viewer that works on any platform. Again this is a free basic service and 10  dollars a month for more reliable bandwidth. This would be great for sharing group presentations or sending a presentation that does not have to be simulcast. I’ll share a couple but no laughing! OK you can laugh a little. I’m starting to sound like a Minnesotan!

Easy clipping paths

Text wrap after clipping paths

Become an e-publican with InDesign!

So you know InDesign but you don’t write code? No problem.  Well if you’ve got an hour and you want to learn a great marketing tool. has a very useful tutorial that has only had 800 page views. This is sacrilege! Check it out here. This Adobe Evangelist, Rufus Deuchler, is funny, engaging and smart! He will teach you to animate your pdf documents and format to tablet and mobile devices. So go forth and create great e-publications, no tuition required!

Pimp your Prezi!

So, you want to give a presentation that stands out? One that keeps the attention of the students you are lecturing to? Or one that just says you’re cool to the innovative young execs your pitching? Then you need to bring out the big guns and “Pimp out your Prezi!” Is a unique site that helps you make zooming presentations and it hosts them there on the site. So your Prezi’s are wherever you have access to the internet. If you are a mobile collaborator, i.e. MBA student working on a team project or a telecommuter, this is priceless. Each group member can edit your presentation collectively from different locations. One of my favorite Prezi projects is seen here . This Coca-Cola Company Prezi uses the iconic image of the Classic Coca-Cola bottle and turns it into a vehicle to organize and keeps the central focus of the presentation all while creating a unique experience. This Prezi makes the viewer say “Whoa, now this is an experience, not just another PowerPoint!” Don’t forget to check out the YouTube video at the end of the presentation. Nice way to use a simply shot video to build a feeling of community with your audience.

While I love Prezis , there is a potential downside, if not done carefully, you can make your audience dizzy. So watch the amount and speed of transitions. This means the navigation distance between your boxes. Zig-zagging across the workspace is bad! If you use a clockwise direction, you are less likely to cause motion sickness!

P.S. I’d love it if you came back and posted links to your Prezis in the comments!