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Wow, what a reaction! Whitney you’ll be missed!

Whitney Houston dies at 48. So sad really. Twitter is all about the Pop Legend tonight. The social microblog has transformed into a memorial. Tweet links to video’s and memories of the star’s greatest moments. It is unique when technology allows you to share your teen memories with millions of people. The world is virtually closer. I loved Whitney. I wanted to be her growing up. A beautiful voice, stardom and fame and she looked like me. That is something that makes an idol for children. I screamed the greatest love of all into a hairbrush when the video came on MTV, back when they showed videos! I will be anxiously watching the slightly impromptu tribute to the star on the Grammy’s tonight all while watching the Twitter feed. I’m a little sad for my loss, and greatly sad for the loss her daughter is feeling. I know this post is a little off topic for my blog but I can’t help but remember how I used all the technology I had access to tonight to reminisce about the love I shared with many for Whitney Houston.

Verify your following!

Knowing that the people who follow you on Twitter are real people is a good thing. Especially if you use Twitter for business. someone who uses your Twitter following metric for the reach of your company. If you offer services in social media marketing, this can be crucial. TruTwit can help. They take the time to verify your following for you. Because social media is important to what I do, I use it. So when you click on the follow @crazphotochick button you will receive a direct message from TrueTwit asking you to verify that you are human. It works like buying concert tickets online where you get the Captcha image of weird-looking words. You are asked retype them to verify yourself.

The neat thing about the service is that people can still follow you with the click of a button. They have about a week to respond to the direct message so it does not require them to stop what they are doing to respond to your message. They can get around to it when they have a chance. The benefit for you is that you can provide stats on verified followers of a brand, person, team and we all know proven stats sell.

You can check it out for free then decide if it’s a service you want to keep it is just 20 bucks a year. Again. I get nothing for sharing their service, I just like to share things that work.

Social Media simplified for the niche business

I recently helped a small business client take the plunge into the Social Media pool. As a retiree who serves a niche market, he wanted a presence but didn’t want to commit too much time.  Stop reading now if you are a purist!

I suggested a simple automation program that would send tweets and Facebook posts on his behalf. Buffer is a social media automation tool that offers a basic service for free for two accounts and ten posts in queue at a time. It also allows you to add more than two accounts and more than ten updated for a small fee.  The best feature is that there is a firefox plug-in for Buffer. It allows him to load posts, shorten the URL’s and places them in the post, with the push of a button. All he needed to do was click on the page of the item he wanted to feature on his website and once that page loaded, hit the Buffer button at the bottom of the page.

For my client this meant he would only need to take ten minutes every three to five days to fill his buffer. The program did the rest. For me I can look at his analytics and see which products are generating the most traffic from the links in his posts and tweets remotely and give him periodic feedback as to whether or not he was reaching his target markets. Posts can be tailored with hashtags used by the trade magazines. His tweets are also visible on tradeshow feeds when he travels to show his merchandise without him needing to stop during the busy show to tweet. Buffer made it a simple for a small player in a substantial niche to compete with the big boys.