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Consulting is relationship building

I hosted a party this weekend for my MBA classmates. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and check in on life after MBA. When I was ask what I was doing, of course I said consulting and teaching.  The follow-up of course was “How do you sell yourself?”  This is accompanied by that “I’m not cut out for sales. I don’t have the personality for it.” I said “PrimariIy, I build relationships.” My husband laughed and said “No, Hill you make friends….for life!” Ok so I have friends from every stage in my life. My oldest friend is from the age of 6, and we still chat regularly.

The myth that selling your services requires the boisterous “can sell Holy water to Jesus” personality is just that, a myth. People want to know that you genuinely want to help them solve their problems and at a fair price. It is also worth mentioning that marketing and selling are too different things. When you market you help point out a need for a service or product. Good marketing creates the demand for the service. Selling is convincing clients to make this transaction with you or your company.  I find sincerity is my best attribute. I genuinely want to help people and I love solving problems. By the time a client reaches out to me, they have already decided that my skills are something they are interested in. This is the time when they are genuinely debating on finishing the transaction with me. I don’t need to go into heavy car sales mode, I just need to make a new friend. I know this means my circle of friends keeps growing, but my husband is right, I befriend, for life!

Here is a great site with steps to work  on selling your service!

So much more than a To Do List!

As a new media consultant the occasion arises when I need to hire sub contractors. When I do I assign tasks with HiTask. It is a to do list, organizer and project management software in one. It features a mobile application for my iPad and iPhone and allows me to send assignments, set deadlines and track the progress of jobs for minimal cost. It’s only 5 bucks a month or 42 dollars a year, the longer you use it the cheaper it is. They also offer a high security business version. HiTask is also a great business solution for companies that are no longer investing in high cost assignment systems. Photo assignment editors at newspapers around the world, this is so much better than a database and email system. I only wish I had found this when I was still running a photo department. Enough listening to me go download your trial, you won’t be sorry.

Get Paid! there’s an app for that.

“Uh uh get money, get money”, I have to stop there since Biggie Smalls was “Notorious” for crude lyrics, but there’s your ear worm for the day!

I recently did a job that needed to be invoiced on the spot.  I wanted something that would flow with my record keeping and make sure that it was more professional than an e-mail. I found the great iPhone app Get Paid. It allowed me to log the client and billing agreements and send an invoice immediately. Best of all, it emailed the client a professional looking invoice and stored all my billing info. It calculates taxes and flat and hourly rates. I was also able to export the client information via wifi when I got home.  I didn’t even need to sit down at my computer. Once I was back on my home wifi it will sync with a computer on the same network with the push of a button I wouldn’t advise using at as your only system, but if you need to invoice on the spot to “Get Money”, then Get Paid!