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Cozi a warm and friendly family calendar

So, I start work today, yay! This past week I found there was a lot of organizing I needed to do to prepare my home for my new schedule.  I apologize for my absence! I looked at the wall calendar and thought of filling in the pertinent appts for my husband to see. We will now need to share the teacher conference schedule as well as dental appts and school physicals.  I went hunting for a solution and I stumbled upon Cozi.com, not just another calendar. It is a virtual assistant. I created a family profile, set a group password my husband could remember then loaded my chlidren’s school schedules. This part was super easy because you can load the electronic school calendar. That’s right Cozi’s got district schools in it’s system including my children’s small year-round district.  Then I proceeded to load the appointments on our calendar.  Next I downloaded the app to mine and my husband’s iPhone then set the alerts! Best part ever it will text and e-mail reminders to whoever is designated on the appt. So on Friday, two hours before our daughter’s preschool parent conference, my husband’s phone will  text remind him, and he will get an email from Cozi. This may just be my new best friend! You can add the whole family then simplify and only view the events that involve one person.  Did I mention you can set others to read-only so they can’t mess with your beautiful schedule?

ZangZing Zoom all your photo services in one place!

Consolidation is my chant of the year! I have photos on flickr, picasa, snapfish, facebook etc…. I could go on and on! Finally someone has created an application to clean up my virtual scrapbook! ZangZing does this and makes it easy to share! This is the virtual version of cleaning out all those photo boxes and getting things into albums!

Best feature? Your friends can fill in the blanks from the Christmas parties of old by emailing a photo to your album address. Your excuses for organizing those photos floating all over the web for years is over!

Getting the ducks in a row!

A new year always sparks a cleaning house and getting organized bug in my brain. I have found that includes organizing the business cards I collect in my computer bag and purse. Card Munch is an irreplaceable mobile application for this feature. It allows me to photograph the business card with my iPhone camera. The image is then sent to a real human who translates to card and enters the information into searchable fields that will integrate into my phone’s address book. If that isn’t cool enough, it allows me to merge offline networking with online networking. The app has features that will send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn to any card you entered that has an e-mail address. What a brilliant feature! You can even customize your invitation message. I should note that Card Munch was recently purchased by LinkedIn, meaning they too noticed how useful it is! The app keeps track of your contacts and allows you to search them by name or company in its own address book if you’d rather not integrate your new contacts into your phone’s e-mail you can just store them in the app. I hope you find this as helpful as I do. I don’t receive anything for sharing this application just the joy of knowing I may have helped others get their bags cleaned out!

Wonderfully useful gift!