Monthly Archives: October 2013

Winning Book!!!

I am reading a very interesting book about in an effort to improve my “performance gap.” What’s a performance gap you say? Well in her book Winning from Within, author Erica Ariel Fox describes it as the disparity between your actual reaction to a situation or problem and your “optimal reaction” to that very same problem. This is a very real phenomenon. Have you every thought the moment you said something, uggh I sounded really, arrogant, patronizing, impatient or like a horrible parent? Ahh then you too have experienced the performance gap. The interesting thing about this quick read is that it gives you practical applications that real people can practice in everyday life as a leader, friend, parent or employee. It is also completely based on someone you can control, you. I have read a number of books on negotiating strategies to get desired results, they can be helpful to a point, this one may be on to something though with practical strategies for developing yourself from the inside as a leader.

Gorilla Marketing crazy or effective?

Yes, that’s me posing with a pee cup! What was a fun morning at the Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk in Minneapolis this past weekend turned in a learning opportunity. People actually find gorilla marketing fun and engaging. There was a line for the pee cup! I’m sure that like my photo, several others ended up on Facebook pages around the Twin Cities Saturday morning. and weather we want to admit it or not, that is brand and name recognition you couldn’t pay for! While paid advertising is a necessary evil, we need to capitalize on opportunities to make average people brand ambassadors for our organizations. So before you kick that random idea out of the conference room, entertain the thought, and remember this, I work for the competitor but even I needed a photo with the pee cup!

I’ve missed you!

Sorry for my extended absence. You know how life catches you and then you look up and a year has passed? That happened to me but I’m recommitting to this wonderful outlet of all the things I love about creativity, photography life in advertising and just generally good stuff I’ve learned! Thanks for sticking around!