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Keep your first-born when renting equipment!

In this era of tight budgets creative directors are challenged with how to get projects photographed on a budget. There is always stock art but that doesn’t work if you need your own products or people photographed. Local freelancers are a great way to get agency quality photography without paying for the agency overhead and someone’s Christmas bonus. There are downsides to hiring a freelancer. The first of course is hiring a good one for your needs. I can help with that, as I have an extensive list of contacts all across the country. That’s a perk of having been an AP photographer. The second is the astronomical cost of photo and studio equipment for photographers, who are great but don’t have all the gear they need for your job.

“Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s something else”…. A  place that will help recreate the light of the sun. No not the after world, but I do love that Prince Song! Lensprotogo.  Gone are the days of having to give up your first-born and a huge deposit to rent gear! You only pay for your rental and the rates are extremely reasonable. I rented a new d7000 for 6 days for 137.00 dollars. It arrived on time in a pelican case for protection and even included a Tootsie roll pop! The only issue I had was they sent one lollipop and I have two little girls. Apart from the sibling wars. I couldn’t ask for any better customer service or pricing.