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Hit the ground running!

A cure for the unemployment blues is when you get that new job hit the ground running! That is what I have done, but I did not mean to neglect you all. My new job was less than a month from launching a new promotional campaign and needed some immediate creative direction.  On day two I was meeting with the creative agency the company hired. They needed some immediate feedback on new directions for the look and feel of subsequent work. So I just finished week three and I have directed four products from conception to production without taking my coat off! Truth is, I love it! I could not be happier to be needed. When we launch, I will share.  The best part of my new job is the fresh energy of the team I’m a part of. Newly hired, ranging from almost a year to 3 weeks it is a talent storm! I have learned a lot and made new friends I know I will have for years! What a perfect storm, I know I will be smarter for having worked with this marketing dream team! Watch out Twin Cities here comes HealthEast.

Pinterest, what’s all the fuss?

While Pinterest doesn’t need any press from me I thought I’d spell out a couple good uses I’ve found on the new social site. It is a great way to share ideas and create your own pin boards of things you like. If you are a visual person like I am then you know seeing it is a great for reminders and ideas. I like to share design ideas or get inspired before working on a new design and Pinterest has a bookmarklet that allows you to pin photos and images that you see on any site with the push of a button. So if there’s a  font you love or a technique you want to remember but don’t have the time to jot it down, just push Pin It and the image will be save in a visual thumbnail with a link to the original source.

As a creative this is priceless, pictures spin through my brain at a rapid pace and I love saving things for inspiration, now I can do it without saving every magazine I’ve ever read or tearing out the pages and taping them to the wall. Simply put Pinterest is like getting to browse thousands of magazines and dog ear the page and share it with your friends with the push of a button. No more looking for the specific edition of the magazine that had that great recipe in it, it’s right there on your foodie pin board!

Creativity, not just for creatives!

We all benefit from creative thinking. Yet we all hit mental road blocks. I know a lot of the posts on my site seem geared towards the naturally creative but the truth is you are as creative as you feel. It is all about how you express that creative solution. A unique approach to a problem is as creative as a sculpture. It’s all about the medium you choose. For me photography and Design are my creative releases, yet the right brain exercise helps me think of unique solutions to every obstacle in my life and career. Creative exercises really get the juices flowing. Here are two great articles about simple exercises to help you find your passion.

Five Creative Exercises to find your passion.

Creative thinking won’t put you in a sweat!

Selling your art short… “F* you. Pay me!”

Underselling our abilities is a big problem for creatives. From very early on we are taught to be grateful for the exposure or opportunity. However, intellectual property has value, and should be paid for. Students and interns are often so fearful of rejection by an organization, that they find themselves working for access to big events or the hope of having their image or graphic used in an ad campaign that they settle for terms that are unreasonable by anyone’s standards.This is not for lack of knowledge on the current going rates for usage, heck there are people like me to help with that!

This stems from an intrinsic need of an artist to have their work seen and validated by an audience so badly that they forget the details. I watched a great video yesterday that I found while cruising on Sports Shooter (probably the coolest group of photographers ever.) While the host is a little crass, thus the title of my post, the message rings true about the need for clear communication when negotiating contracts, kill fees and transfer of intellectual property rights.  In this economic time, no contract creative can afford to be stiffed because “funding dried up” or “we had a different vision”

So if you have time, watch and listen.