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Facebook as a recruiting tool!

While I’m avoiding all the Facebook Pages devoted to the New York Giants, I do frequent brand pages and employment pages, especially when they are liked by my friends. Here is a neat info graphic that might help you justify the practice of Facebook recruiting for HR departments. It is simple and makes a great case for why a brand page should also carry job listings. Sharing a job listing has never been easier.Click to enlarge.


Social Media simplified for the niche business

I recently helped a small business client take the plunge into the Social Media pool. As a retiree who serves a niche market, he wanted a presence but didn’t want to commit too much time.  Stop reading now if you are a purist!

I suggested a simple automation program that would send tweets and Facebook posts on his behalf. Buffer is a social media automation tool that offers a basic service for free for two accounts and ten posts in queue at a time. It also allows you to add more than two accounts and more than ten updated for a small fee.  The best feature is that there is a firefox plug-in for Buffer. It allows him to load posts, shorten the URL’s and places them in the post, with the push of a button. All he needed to do was click on the page of the item he wanted to feature on his website and once that page loaded, hit the Buffer button at the bottom of the page.

For my client this meant he would only need to take ten minutes every three to five days to fill his buffer. The program did the rest. For me I can look at his analytics and see which products are generating the most traffic from the links in his posts and tweets remotely and give him periodic feedback as to whether or not he was reaching his target markets. Posts can be tailored with hashtags used by the trade magazines. His tweets are also visible on tradeshow feeds when he travels to show his merchandise without him needing to stop during the busy show to tweet. Buffer made it a simple for a small player in a substantial niche to compete with the big boys.

Is your business Gmail socializing?

Mine is now! It only took me ten minutes to use an awesome new service and choose a customizable template that I can attach to a business e-mail. Brandmymail.com  is my favorite new tool of the day. I get high quality branded e-mail that incorporates my blog, my twitter feed and other social media. It also looks great on mobile platforms. You know I had to check it out on my iPad and iPhone before I shared it with you! The template does not have to be sent automatically, just on the e-mails you choose. Brand My Mail has separate buttons for sending and previewing your e-mail. Now when you get referrals from friends they can pass on all of your social media and info just by forwarding the e-mail.

This is great for small business owners who want to jazz up their e-newsletter or just have a professional look to a local e-mail campaign. The features work with Gmail now, but they are writing code for more e-mail platforms rapidly. It works from pc’s running the Chrome or Firefox browser (both are free to download.) The email’s that are sent can be viewed properly by anyone on any platform. Best of all Brandmymail.com is free. Check out my new socializing Gmail here.  In addition, check out what Forbes has to say about it.

Caution: Do not go crazy with all the plug-ins you can use, you do want space to type your e-mail!

Will anti-social media in crisis hurt Lowes?

Well I don’t think it will kill them but they could take a lesson from the parenting handbook. While controlling your image in the media, don’t let your child run a muck online. After pulling their ads from the reality Show All-American Muslim, which was a bad move in my opinion, they appear to have left their social media unattended, and leaving all of their interactive clients with little interaction. They asked for their clients and fans to engage, so why haven’t they engaged them beyond this post ?  The comments are out of hand and show a lack of commitment to dialogue with online community. While they do say they are sorry, I’m not sure they know for what. When your child hits their sibling and then says they are sorry, You hope they are sorry for hitting their sibling. But upon probing for a deeper response, you might find they are only sorry for getting caught.

When I started this post there were 23,000 comments and there are a lot probing for a little more than “I’m sorry.” In response from other FB’ers they are attacked by rude and ruthless racist remarks in later posts. I believe they should have moderated the comments from the beginning for clean language, while leaving the freedom to share your thoughts ring true. Social Media doesn’t only work for companies in good times it should be used as another method of responding to your audience and engaging their dialogue in bad times. What ever you do, don’t just let it sit there unwatched. I am all for free speech, but as a marketer, I think that the speech you leave on your company social media site unattended, might send the message that your company agrees with those thoughts. Adweek  wrote a noteworthy piece today on the comments and lack of response by Lowes. By failing to moderate them from the start, they let it get out of control. I know it is tough to back edit 23,000 posts. Nevertheless, a couple follow –up posts would be a good start to showing what your sorry for. As of the writing of this post the comments are still visible and not moderated.