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Cheap and easy……. screencasts!

While there are several more expensive programs out there for screen casting, I found that TechSmith’s Jing and Jing Pro are the most cost-effective. This is especially true if the tutorial or presentation you want to create is shorter than 5 minutes or can be broken up into 5 minute segments.  Jing is free, while Jing Pro is about 15 dollars for the year. I use this to teach software to my online students for InDesign and PhotoShop as It allows them to watch the tutorials as many times as they need to learn a specific technique.  They are not polished by any means, and I hate the sound of my voice, but they are effective in quickly sharing.  I use the 5 minute time limits as a way to bridge moving from PhotoShop to InDesign. I then host them from screencast.com so that they play on all computers in the same clean viewer that works on any platform. Again this is a free basic service and 10  dollars a month for more reliable bandwidth. This would be great for sharing group presentations or sending a presentation that does not have to be simulcast. I’ll share a couple but no laughing! OK you can laugh a little. I’m starting to sound like a Minnesotan!

Easy clipping paths

Text wrap after clipping paths

Become an e-publican with InDesign!

So you know InDesign but you don’t write code? No problem.  Well if you’ve got an hour and you want to learn a great marketing tool. Adobe.tv has a very useful tutorial that has only had 800 page views. This is sacrilege! Check it out here. This Adobe Evangelist, Rufus Deuchler, is funny, engaging and smart! He will teach you to animate your pdf documents and format to tablet and mobile devices. So go forth and create great e-publications, no tuition required!


Breaking up with Lynda…

Did you know you could learn almost everything you want to know about CS 5.5 from Adobe TV free of charge? Lynda.com is a great resource but her knowledge does not come cheap. So, for new media designers on a budget, especially if you had to pay for the Adobe Design Premium Creative Suite with your own money, it’s great to know that the tips and tricks are free. Just visit http://tv.adobe.com and search any question you have about one of the programs. It will bring up a list of episodes related to your topic. This is one of my favorite episodes, Publishing to digital devices. It shows how you can use InDesign CS 5.5 to become an e-publican in an instant! It’s OK, Lynda and I are still friends.