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Help them keep their dignity!

A dear member of my virtual family who writes the blog ManageBetterNow recently wrote about interview karma.  He touches upon the fact that we have all been on the interviewee’s side of the table and how there are so many uncontrollable emotions going on at that moment for the job seeker.

As I prepare for interview #2 this week I hope the person on the other side is aware of this. There is nothing more humbling than needing to be at the top of your game while wondering if the person interviewing you is at least present (mentally) and focused during your interview. The feelings of discouragement, competition and embarrassment at needing a job, are already there.

So, if you are conducting an interview in the near future, put down your phone, tune in to the person walking on the high wire in front of you and give them every opportunity to shine. It is your job to evaluate them, so ease the test anxiety and make them feel welcome. There is usually a good reason they made it on your list of candidates. After all, karma is a bleep and pretty much dictates that the places will change at many points in your life!

Advertising your services, affordably.

If you have found yourself returning to freelance work, and you are wondering how to grow your customer base, here are a couple of things you might want to check out. Facebook has recently launched a contest for up to 10,000 dollars in free FB advertising if you have a business page. Here is the link.  Also here is a free advertising loop for Linkedin. You must join the group here,   then you can add your info here, while you wait for approval.  Once approved, your info will be advertised on their LinkedIn loop of advertising for free.

Share your wisdom with me, please.

How do you stand out  in a job market that is over saturated? I have heard of being aggressive, but how aggressive can you be before one becomes rude? Writing a good resume is key, I get that it is your first impression, but what if your impression never makes it to the hiring manager? Computerization has handicapped the people person in my opinion. Layers upon layers of digital red tape. A  lot of the programs upload your resume and then require you to trim and reformat so much, that none of the design you put into the document is evident by the time you reach the summary page.

So what’s a people person to do? Sure there are networking events, but often the hiring managers are not at these functions. Job fairs and lines are not really effective since everyone is there lined up for the same two positions and often recruiters are slightly dazed when it is your turn.

I do well when I come in contact with real people, as my husband puts it I’m more interested in connecting with people than I am about anything else. If I make a good connection with someone, I will be a loyal patron. When I explain to my husband that we are going to a particular wine shoppe on the other side of the metro, rather than the one conveniently located down the street, he laughs and says “you must have made a new friend!” He’s usually right! My ability to connect with people is my best weapon. Sure I have a wealth of other skills, but how does one do battle in this economy without your best weapon?

People are the foundation of all business, yet so many businesses have infused processes that are designed to specifically to keep you from connecting with the real people doing the hiring.  So while I usually have something to offer you here each day, today I want to know your thoughts on getting past the computerized gate keepers? Feel free to post articles or information, Im sure all of my readers would like to know this as well! Thanks -Hill


A new year, a new list

As I sat wondering what to write about today, I decided to offer a little encouragement for those, like myself, who lost their jobs this year. Being laid off is not a judgment on your professional abilities. It is not an indication of your value in the marketplace it really is “Just Business.” Your ability to understand that is what makes you valuable to another company. I know it is stressful and worrying. It makes you anxious and self-conscious but this too shall pass. For me it clouded my other achievements throughout the year. To finish my MBA yet be unemployed is nerve-wracking. I had hoped to transition from one industry to the other seamlessly.

God had other plans for me. I was able to spend the summer with my children, finish school and take many camping trips. If you know me, you know I love camping! I was able to share this joy with my children who actually cried when we packed up the pop-up for the winter. I had plenty of time to think and focus on what was important to me for my next job and focus my strength on making these contacts. I really believe that we have not because we ask not. Partly because we don’t know what to ask for or what we truly want. I spent the last six months making a list for 2012.

Here’s my list:

1.       To stay in Minnesota

I want to raise my children here. We are close to extended family and all the activities we enjoy are here. My husband grew up here.

2.       Transition to business but stay creative

While I possess business acumen, I am an artist first.  I am a visually stimulated human.

3.       Share my knowledge and learn from others

I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them achieve their goals. I always wanted to be the type of boss I wanted to have.

4.       Problem solving is key to my success

I love a good puzzle it keeps my mind sharp and I actually get a little giddy inside when I figure out a stumper!

5.       Keep my schedule family friendly

My days of waiting until the FULL LID goes on at the White House are over!

Seems simple doesn’t it? But it was a lot longer in June and a lot more confused. I needed the time to sift through the basics. Sure compensation is important but remarkably, it was not in my top five. It is a negotiating point to get to the top five.  So now, I know what I want and in 2012 and I intend to get it!

What do you really want? What are your negotiable points? What are your top five “must haves?” I assure you that when you were laid off there were at least five goals the business wanted to meet by laying you off. So don’t be bitter this new year, be prepared and know what you want.  I wish you your list in 2012.