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IT’s coming!PhotoShop touch for iPad!

I have drooled over this App for a while. I recently shot a wedding and displayed some of the photos on my iPad at the reception. I wished I could have had a little more control over the images before display. You see I took the hour between wedding and reception to quickly load about 25 images on my iPad to position at the guest book table. I wanted the ability to create a cover for the album with the couples name and wedding date on it or remove odd background items.  The apps I had only allowed basic color correction and cropping. If I was going to pay for an app I wanted it to allow me most of the functions of PhotoShop. You see the better these images looked and the more polished a quick presentation, the more photo orders I would likely receive from friends and relatives. I had already secured a great order from the happy couple, this was my chance to influence the impulse buy of people who would also want these images. People who order from me while still at the wedding, increased my bottom line before the wedding was over, call it the wedding glow!

I knew PhotoShop touch was out there, I was just waiting for the iPad version, now, here it is.

BARCELONA: Adobe Photoshop Express is a great, free and highly usable iOS app for quickly fixing up your digital photos, but it pales in comparison to the desktop version of Photoshop. Last year Adobe introduced a solution: Photoshop Touch, but chose to bring it to the Android Tablet market first. Now, as promised, Adobe is finally bringing that powerful image editing capability to Apple‘s iPad 2. The company will announce the new app today in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

Putting glasses on your fisheye lens!

Aahh the love of wide-angle lenses is strong, but the disdain for cone-heads and straight lines that bend is even stronger. PhotoShop CS 5 allows you to correct lens distortion automatically. You no longer need a tilt shift lens to correct building convergence.  This hidden gem tutorial shows you how to correct the distortion, vignetting and coloration variations instantly. Shooting banners and panoramic images just got a lot easier. You can even save and share the presets for your camera and lenses to automatically correct. Love this hidden gem!

Editing video in PhotoShop extended

Ever want to add the same cool filters you add to still photos to an entire video file? You could apply a hand drawn effect to a video clip or liquefy a fan blade in motion you can. Video editing in PhotoShop extended gives you options to tone portions of your videos or entire video the same way you tone your photos. This Adobe.tv episode shows you how.  The best part is this feature has been around since Photoshop CS3 so no need to rush out and upgrade!

PhotoShop CS 6

I’m drooling still so just watch the video! Happy Monday!

Sneak Peek #1

Groupshot for iPhone is everyone’s Facebook friend!

We all know how hard it is to get a group shot of all your friends looking flattering at the girls night out! Now you can mash-up a great group shot from a few similar photos in seconds. You can swap faces and poses of people looking flattering and make the group photo you had hoped for! No more pictures of you  sneezing, where your bestfriend’s eyes are closed and her husband is looking away from the camera.  No need to have mad PhotoShop skills to make it happen! With Groupshot simply color in the area you want to change then select the pose you want from the other selected photos in the series! Save to camera roll and post to Facebook! Be done in time for the next round of Jello shots!

Texture to skin tutorial

This is a fun tutorial that allows you to change skin texture to stone.


Digital Noise reduction in CS 5

Reducing digital noise is a lot smoother in Photoshop CS5. Here is a quick tutorial on how to clean up digital noise efficiently in CS 5. Digital noise tutorial

Tutorial catch-up! Digital Facials.

Everyone needs a day of rest so today I have two tutorials for you. One of the most sought after commercial Photoshop skills is facial retouching. For brides and high school graduates, it is essential to look your best. It is also key to make the changes look realistic.

So today’s tutorials are about smoothing out facial blemishes. and enhancing eye-color. Both are good skills to have for freelance work that depends on people looking and feeling their best.



Facial Retouching

enhancing or changing eye color

Multiple exposures fashion images

This is a nice fashion photo tutorial that also incorporates illustrator. It is an advanced tutorial that is a little more vague because they assume you understand how to use tools such as define edges.  So if you’re not there yet, save this one!

Setting things on fire!

Today’s tutorial is great for movie posters and antique aircraft photos. While I don’t like to set too many things on fire the basic skills in this one have multiple applications. Plane on fire tutorial.