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Kicking it New School!

New School Marketing is not just a cliché. It is a well-researched approach to how marketers can put their best foot forward in a changing arena. It is no longer acceptable for seasoned veterans to acquiesce to ignorance. Yes. I said it! Get your head out of the hole and get with the program! I don’t mean just hiring a techy to tweet on the companies behalf, but understanding how each component of a new school media campaign work together. The more you know, the better you can calculate the risks of taking your marketing department into this new frontier. So let’s start with the basics.

Responsys Interact offers a wealth of white paper and data on New School Marketing. This is a good place to start learning the basics. If you like what they have to say they offer services that can help your business launch a full-scale campaign and track metrics all from the same CMS. Download their informational white papers and read them over the holiday break. This may give you some new ideas on where to lead your company and marketing department in 2012.

When opportunity knocks….buy it!

One mans falter is another’s opportunity. Russell Simmons saw this opportunity. I believe all businesses can benefit from the faux pas of those that go before them. Social media wise, this is key. Russell Simmons took the opportunity to endear himself to the lost audience of Lowes by buying up the vacated ad space when Lowes pulled out of TLC reality show, All-American Muslim. He then publicly and socially admonished them on twitter and newsites. This is significant because Simmons, @uncleRUSH, has over a million followers. That’s some pretty far reach in the multicultural online community. I’m sure it will pay off royally for him with continued brand loyalty and revenue to his many ventures. ROI like this is how moguls are made and sustained. The multicultural dollar is strong, and Simmons is living proof.

Do you Digg it?

Oh yeah I’m grooving up in here! “I can digg it, he can digg it. She can digg it. We can digg it. They can digg it. You can digg it. Oh let’s digg it. Can you digg it, baby?”

Having a rich journalism background, love for my iPad, digg.com is how I read the news stories around the world that people find interesting. I don’t have time to check an endless list of websites, nor do I allow Facebook to send me an update when a company I “like” posts an update. However, I like to be well-informed.  I also know that many of my colleagues use this popular website. In fact, the site has a new beta section of their “newsrooms” tab. I think it’s because they know this is how many journalists and e-news junkies keep up with what’s going on. So with all of these journalistic eyes on digg.com, why are so few companies digging their own content? It is a great way to grab the interest of the journalists your PR department is trying to reach.  I often checked Digg as a Senior Editor at the newspaper, it let me quickly look for visual opportunities in our area. So, before you fax, email, tweet the press release  and  call every editor in the newsroom, can you Digg it?