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Is your business Gmail socializing?

Mine is now! It only took me ten minutes to use an awesome new service and choose a customizable template that I can attach to a business e-mail. Brandmymail.com  is my favorite new tool of the day. I get high quality branded e-mail that incorporates my blog, my twitter feed and other social media. It also looks great on mobile platforms. You know I had to check it out on my iPad and iPhone before I shared it with you! The template does not have to be sent automatically, just on the e-mails you choose. Brand My Mail has separate buttons for sending and previewing your e-mail. Now when you get referrals from friends they can pass on all of your social media and info just by forwarding the e-mail.

This is great for small business owners who want to jazz up their e-newsletter or just have a professional look to a local e-mail campaign. The features work with Gmail now, but they are writing code for more e-mail platforms rapidly. It works from pc’s running the Chrome or Firefox browser (both are free to download.) The email’s that are sent can be viewed properly by anyone on any platform. Best of all Brandmymail.com is free. Check out my new socializing Gmail here.  In addition, check out what Forbes has to say about it.

Caution: Do not go crazy with all the plug-ins you can use, you do want space to type your e-mail!