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Pinterest addiction

There are a lot of unique features of Pinterest  and it’s growing popularity. I found this information graphic on Mashable that adds great clean graphics with an even cleaner explanation off the rapidly growing popularity of the site. One of their greatest aspects is simply the KISS principle. (keep it simple stupid). The clean and simple design makes for extreme ease of use.

Hmm fancy that?

Pinterest, I’m so sorry it’s not you, it’s me. I just want permission to hang out on other sites that let me purchase an outfit right on the site. You see I’ve discovered  “Fancy!”

While I love Pinterest, I love efficiency more. Fancy has beaten Pinterest to the ROI. The items you love, collect and “Fancy” versus “Pin,” can also be bought right on the site. No need to travel to third-party sites to make a purchase. While I’m not an impulse buyer usually, this efficient business model capitalizes on the impulse buy immediately. Why is this a good thing? It is the virtual equivalent of not letting the customer, leave the store. The longer they stay in the store, the more they buy.

When I first found Pinterest I loved being able to share the things I love with friends. However, I also wondered, how the heck do they make money? While there are featured products etc, to serve as advertising, If you send consumers elsewhere to make a purchase there is a greater possibility they won’t finish the transaction. Fancy is smart to keeps the customer in the store and still allowing them to share interest and purchases with friends in a social media platform.


Social Media uses in education

Social media has enhanced the way we do so much in society. In the education field colleges and universities have developed several uses for the technology that virtually shrinks their sprawling campus’. Creating smaller more intimate communities.  This neat infographic I found on Mashable shows the ways social media can enhance the educational experience as both n interactive learning tool and campus notification system.

Social Media Faux Pas

Roland S. Martin is a friend of mine. I said it and I own it. I have known him since my intern days at the Baltimore Sun through our affiliation of the National Association of Black Journalists. He helped me get an interview for my first full-time job at the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

If you have not read, Roland stepped in it this week on Twitter. He used his personal twitter account as a way to enjoy the Super Bowl with friends. Where it gets sticky is that he has over 95,000 followers and is a popular political pundit on CNN. One of his tweets made light of the David Beckham underwear ad that aired during the game. Specifically he insinuated that no self respecting man would have enjoyed the add. He advised Super Bowl party hosts to “smack the ish out of” any man who enjoyed it.

The result is an angry LBGT community and calls for him to be fired by CNN because of the tweet and their belief that it promotes violence against homosexuals. While I have my own opinions on the meaning behind the tweet, again because I know Roland and the fact is that he has been ribbing Soccer as the true football for the 16 years I’ve known him. His followers don’t have such personal perspective.

This is a tightrope across a canyon that social media poses. How comfortable and open can public figures be? Remember he is a pundit, he is paid to be opinionated and feisty. A task that is not hard for my friend. My questions are plentiful. For CNN his boisterous and controversial beliefs are exactly why they hired him. This is similar to the reason Rush Limbaugh has a radio show.  No one wants to hire the lukewarm talk show host. However, alas there is a line. To chirp or not to chirp? If you can’t hang loose why do it? Social media has allowed each of us to socialize with the people who know us and those who don’t. While I can’t tell you exactly what Roland meant by his tweet, I can say that if I were in a room with him and I challenged this statement out loud; he would have razzed me for having been captain of my high school soccer team. He also would have let me have it for bouncing one too many of those balls off my head causing the swelling that is my large forehead! However, that’s how we roll.

Social media is not your living room. People who don’t know you, don’t know you. Be mindful and cautious of that and you won’t have to Monday morning quarterback. Truthfully, I hope CNN does not fire him, several  people, who are paid for their shocking personalities, have stepped in it, apologized and kept their jobs. CNN knows Roland, and they knew who they hired. They have a number of people with polarizing personalities on their shows to keep them colorful. I think Roland needs to wave his white ascot, apologize and learn from this Social Media Faux pas.

What do you think? Is Twitter only for articles and telling people what you had for breakfast? Is it a forum for free speech?  Should your virtual living room be policed?

Pinterest, what’s all the fuss?

While Pinterest doesn’t need any press from me I thought I’d spell out a couple good uses I’ve found on the new social site. It is a great way to share ideas and create your own pin boards of things you like. If you are a visual person like I am then you know seeing it is a great for reminders and ideas. I like to share design ideas or get inspired before working on a new design and Pinterest has a bookmarklet that allows you to pin photos and images that you see on any site with the push of a button. So if there’s a  font you love or a technique you want to remember but don’t have the time to jot it down, just push Pin It and the image will be save in a visual thumbnail with a link to the original source.

As a creative this is priceless, pictures spin through my brain at a rapid pace and I love saving things for inspiration, now I can do it without saving every magazine I’ve ever read or tearing out the pages and taping them to the wall. Simply put Pinterest is like getting to browse thousands of magazines and dog ear the page and share it with your friends with the push of a button. No more looking for the specific edition of the magazine that had that great recipe in it, it’s right there on your foodie pin board!

Smartr Contacts a great new iPhone app

Consolidation for all your social contacts. I timed it. It took me 9 minutes to log into all my social networks and e-mail. Kind of appropriate since the new app Smartr Contacts was released 9 days ago. Now, I have everyone in one place and I have interactive data on how we connect and relate. I have photos next to my contacts whether it is their business logo or their LinkedIn photo or their Facebook profile. One app all 5,068 contacts loaded and searchable dialable, textable and e-mailable all from one app. Also a nifty little home screen of all my usual contacts. I wonder how long it will take Apple to buy this one and make it standard on all their iProducts? I would it’s, iBrilliant!

Verify your following!

Knowing that the people who follow you on Twitter are real people is a good thing. Especially if you use Twitter for business. someone who uses your Twitter following metric for the reach of your company. If you offer services in social media marketing, this can be crucial. TruTwit can help. They take the time to verify your following for you. Because social media is important to what I do, I use it. So when you click on the follow @crazphotochick button you will receive a direct message from TrueTwit asking you to verify that you are human. It works like buying concert tickets online where you get the Captcha image of weird-looking words. You are asked retype them to verify yourself.

The neat thing about the service is that people can still follow you with the click of a button. They have about a week to respond to the direct message so it does not require them to stop what they are doing to respond to your message. They can get around to it when they have a chance. The benefit for you is that you can provide stats on verified followers of a brand, person, team and we all know proven stats sell.

You can check it out for free then decide if it’s a service you want to keep it is just 20 bucks a year. Again. I get nothing for sharing their service, I just like to share things that work.

Social Media simplified for the niche business

I recently helped a small business client take the plunge into the Social Media pool. As a retiree who serves a niche market, he wanted a presence but didn’t want to commit too much time.  Stop reading now if you are a purist!

I suggested a simple automation program that would send tweets and Facebook posts on his behalf. Buffer is a social media automation tool that offers a basic service for free for two accounts and ten posts in queue at a time. It also allows you to add more than two accounts and more than ten updated for a small fee.  The best feature is that there is a firefox plug-in for Buffer. It allows him to load posts, shorten the URL’s and places them in the post, with the push of a button. All he needed to do was click on the page of the item he wanted to feature on his website and once that page loaded, hit the Buffer button at the bottom of the page.

For my client this meant he would only need to take ten minutes every three to five days to fill his buffer. The program did the rest. For me I can look at his analytics and see which products are generating the most traffic from the links in his posts and tweets remotely and give him periodic feedback as to whether or not he was reaching his target markets. Posts can be tailored with hashtags used by the trade magazines. His tweets are also visible on tradeshow feeds when he travels to show his merchandise without him needing to stop during the busy show to tweet. Buffer made it a simple for a small player in a substantial niche to compete with the big boys.

Do you empower your employees?

I’m currently reading Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler’s book “Empowered.” In my opinion this is a must read for any manager or business exec who is not sure how the social media groundswell can either hurt or help their business.  In the book Bernoff and Schadler describe the changes in doing business in the social media era. It goes deeper than building brand loyalty by luring loyalists with text message coupons or early sales announcements. It speaks to the need for companies to empower their employees to solve the problems of the empowered consumer regardless of their job function. No longer can the empowered consumer be put off until Monday to speak with a supervisor who can help them when they feel they have been wronged. Today’s consumer can and will take to the social-sphere and trash a company with poor customer service, yet if you react in time and the person monitoring social media has the power to solve the customer’s problem, those same consumers will become the greatest promoters. Empowered employees are the best way to satisfy empowered consumers! Wise thoughts from a writing team who really gets it!

Online marketing, a great “how to” info graphic

The Noob Guide to online marketing is as thorough an info graphic as I have seen. I just had to share! Click on the graphic to get the large version