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ZangZing Zoom all your photo services in one place!

Consolidation is my chant of the year! I have photos on flickr, picasa, snapfish, facebook etc…. I could go on and on! Finally someone has created an application to clean up my virtual scrapbook! ZangZing does this and makes it easy to share! This is the virtual version of cleaning out all those photo boxes and getting things into albums!

Best feature? Your friends can fill in the blanks from the Christmas parties of old by emailing a photo to your album address. Your excuses for organizing those photos floating all over the web for years is over!

PhotoShop CS 6

I’m drooling still so just watch the video! Happy Monday!

Sneak Peek #1

Orphaned Blogs……………

Sounds sad doesn’t it? Cute little smart nuggets of potential left languishing on the internet. No nurture no care and no love.  I know, you’re busy or you have exhausted your list of topics. Run out of quippy puns and anecdotes for the world?  Don’t worry, it’s not to late. I’m here to tell you your blog misses you and will take you back! They won’t ask where you’ve been they just want a parent someone to claim them and restore them to their socializing glory. Sending out updates to followers is their reason for being and they have not forgotten how. In as long as it took you to read this and hang your head in shame, you can write a new post. Just a few words of encouragement for friends, a new You Tube video you love, or the joke you heard yesterday. It doesn’t expect you to write a novel, 2 words to start is perfect. “Welcome Back!”

Groupshot for iPhone is everyone’s Facebook friend!

We all know how hard it is to get a group shot of all your friends looking flattering at the girls night out! Now you can mash-up a great group shot from a few similar photos in seconds. You can swap faces and poses of people looking flattering and make the group photo you had hoped for! No more pictures of you  sneezing, where your bestfriend’s eyes are closed and her husband is looking away from the camera.  No need to have mad PhotoShop skills to make it happen! With Groupshot simply color in the area you want to change then select the pose you want from the other selected photos in the series! Save to camera roll and post to Facebook! Be done in time for the next round of Jello shots!

Transformation through visualization

True transformation, requires having the end goal in mind. Do you know where you want to go? I recently watched the documentary “The Secret” which teaches the laws of attraction. It outlines how all the “Lucky” people attract good things to them by only putting their goals out into the atmosphere around them. They remove all the negativity and don’t even use negative words to describe what they want. Through focus and visualization, they materialize their goals. It was an amazing concept and I have to believe it is at least good for your health to be positively focused.  An example would be removing the word debt from your vocabulary when speaking about your financial goals. Setting your sites on the pure goal and not even worrying about how you achieve it. So instead of saying “I want to be debt free”, you would focus on “Money comes abundantly, easily and often” or instead of saying “I don’t want to be sick”, you visualize a healthy you living well into your 90’s.

While I’m not passing judgment, I will say that I began to focus on the career I want for myself and focusing on a phrase related to my job search last Friday. I had three job interviews this week. Maybe a coincidence, but it’s worth a try! If you are a reader, there is a book about “The Secret” that is available in the iBooks library.

What do you want to transform in your life? What’s your phrase? Are you focusing on it? Can you visualize it? Right now I’m visualizing my children playing harmoniously……. I’ll let you know how it works!

Help them keep their dignity!

A dear member of my virtual family who writes the blog ManageBetterNow recently wrote about interview karma.  He touches upon the fact that we have all been on the interviewee’s side of the table and how there are so many uncontrollable emotions going on at that moment for the job seeker.

As I prepare for interview #2 this week I hope the person on the other side is aware of this. There is nothing more humbling than needing to be at the top of your game while wondering if the person interviewing you is at least present (mentally) and focused during your interview. The feelings of discouragement, competition and embarrassment at needing a job, are already there.

So, if you are conducting an interview in the near future, put down your phone, tune in to the person walking on the high wire in front of you and give them every opportunity to shine. It is your job to evaluate them, so ease the test anxiety and make them feel welcome. There is usually a good reason they made it on your list of candidates. After all, karma is a bleep and pretty much dictates that the places will change at many points in your life!

Sticking the landing!

In every gymnast’s career there are years of skills training, practice and strengthening focused on learning the pieces to their routines. They put together routines for every apparatus they perform on in every competition. They are judged on degree of difficulty, artistry, poise and balance. They get up early, stay late and work on every aspect of the performance. In the back of their minds, they know that after all is said and done; they’ve got to stick the landing.

You work hard and educate yourself and train for every aspect of your career. You have your career routines down. When a new competition is at hand, do you stick the landing? Do you deliver beyond what is expected? Do you remember how good it feels?

I had that feeling today. I had an interview with the top creative staffing agency in town. Previously when I had spoken with the recruiter she was very kind and let me know that transitions in management are hard without 10 plus years of experience in that field as a leader. She asked if I would consider entry to mid level positions, I told her I would consider them, but that I prefer management because of my experience and skill (I didn’t mention the routines, as she was not aware of my analogy).

When I went in for my interview today I was interviewed by an account manager and again I was given the initial “transitions are hard” speech.  Then she began to question my experiences, what I had learned and all that I had done with or without the “appropriate title,” she realized I knew my chosen new field really well. In addition, I was easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. I dressed for my interview with her as if I were a Creative Director already. She complimented my look. (Not all creatives are disheveled!) I articulated clearly and did not waver about my desires. In the end she looked at me and said “You are impressive on paper, but you’re phenomenal in person! You won’t be hard to market as leader and you won’t be on the market long!”  Dismount, (flying through the air) Nailed it!

Getting more traffic to your sites!

Have you registered on DMOZ? If not you are missing the opportunity to have your site listed in directories used by thousands of sites. If DMOZ accepts your site in your chosen category, it can do wonders. They are a human reviewed site directory that supplies site url’s all over the internet. They are trusted and can help you build a lot of positive one way links,the most coveted kind, to your page. I registered today I’ll keep you posted on my results!

Performance reviews, a great goal opportunity!

I worked in a union environment where compensation was automatic and not tied to performance. A number of my direct reports shared with me that prior managers of my department rarely performed annual evaluations. Most assumed it was because they were not tied to compensation. I realized that this meant a number of people on my staff had not been regularly informed how their supervisor thought they were performing, nor were they having annual measurable goals set for them. I set out to change this by reinstating the performance review and letting people know where their strengths and weaknesses stood with me. I also invited them to help me set measurable goals for them to achieve over the course of the next year.

The evaluations I provided were frank and honest and provided specific examples of their triumphs and trials. It is important to include both praise and observation in what people do well as well as where they struggle. It shows them that you are aware of their work in good times and bad. All too often people feel as if their bosses don’t know what they do. I made a point to make electronic notes on my personal calendar under the name of each direct reports sort of a “Sainted &Tainted” bulletin board of their yearly performance. So not only did I give examples of successes, I could even provide the dates. For poor performance, this also allowed me to know whether they had a pattern for a certain behavior all year or if it was just a fluke. When it comes to the good, include it all is my view. When it comes to the bad, I only include the troubling patterns and let the flukes go. This was my Mary Poppins approach; I found “a spoonful of sugar” really did help the medicine go down. To my surprise not only was this effective, it actually helped me turn lower producers into top performers. First, they knew I was watching. Secondly, they intrinsically wanted that sainted list to be long and the tainted list to shrink. Last and most importantly, at the end of the review, I would ask them to help me write their goals for the next year. I knew that even if they didn’t mind letting me down, they might think a little harder about letting themselves down.

The Art history brush, learn to love it!

In this tutorial Julieanne Kost shows you how to set a few default settings in Photoshop to continuously sample from different sources. This is a digital artists playground!