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Get Paid! there’s an app for that.

“Uh uh get money, get money”, I have to stop there since Biggie Smalls was “Notorious” for crude lyrics, but there’s your ear worm for the day!

I recently did a job that needed to be invoiced on the spot.  I wanted something that would flow with my record keeping and make sure that it was more professional than an e-mail. I found the great iPhone app Get Paid. It allowed me to log the client and billing agreements and send an invoice immediately. Best of all, it emailed the client a professional looking invoice and stored all my billing info. It calculates taxes and flat and hourly rates. I was also able to export the client information via wifi when I got home.  I didn’t even need to sit down at my computer. Once I was back on my home wifi it will sync with a computer on the same network with the push of a button I wouldn’t advise using at as your only system, but if you need to invoice on the spot to “Get Money”, then Get Paid!