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Smartr Contacts a great new iPhone app

Consolidation for all your social contacts. I timed it. It took me 9 minutes to log into all my social networks and e-mail. Kind of appropriate since the new app Smartr Contacts was released 9 days ago. Now, I have everyone in one place and I have interactive data on how we connect and relate. I have photos next to my contacts whether it is their business logo or their LinkedIn photo or their Facebook profile. One app all 5,068 contacts loaded and searchable dialable, textable and e-mailable all from one app. Also a nifty little home screen of all my usual contacts. I wonder how long it will take Apple to buy this one and make it standard on all their iProducts? I would it’s, iBrilliant!

Got Data?

Need more data instead of cowbell? Then do I have a site for you! City-data.com is phenomenal when you need demographics in an instant. Don’t know Excel, no problem. Does SPSS give you a headache? City-data.com has got you covered. For any type of preliminary proposal, you may be putting together, or even more in-depth. Take it from me there were many a night during my MBA course work that I needed reputable stats, STAT! While a fuller richer more thorough survey may need to be done on a target audience later, you can quickly get a very good look at any city in the nation. Heck, they even give you the average precipitation!  Check out my city here and keep scrolling down.The graphs are accurate and are large enough when downloaded to easily bedazzle in PhotoShop or InDesign. They can also be copied right into your PowerPoint or Prezi. Prezis are a whole other post!  So the next time you find out your presenting target market analysis in 30 minutes no sweat, you’ve got data!