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The woman that built me…

If you know me, you’ve met her. You either have eaten her recipes, or received her wisdom when you asked my advice.  Mom loved Christmas. Even more she loved being with her family and friends for holidays. Losing her has taught me so much about what is important in life. She was an excellent communicator and, like her daughter connected with people for life. She opened her heart and her home to everyone she knew. She is responsible for all the best parts of me.  I invite you to learn a little more about her life and the importance of life planning in a documentary that airs on TPT and Minnesota public television, tonight at 7PM CST.   If you’re not in Minnesota, you can watch it here.

As we gather with family and friends, this season.  I ask you to make an appointment with each other to talk about your wishes for end of life care. Don’t do it now and spoil the mood, but make the appointment. It is so important. I wish you all a peaceful and wonderful holiday season. –Your friend, Hillery