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Smartr Contacts a great new iPhone app

Consolidation for all your social contacts. I timed it. It took me 9 minutes to log into all my social networks and e-mail. Kind of appropriate since the new app Smartr Contacts was released 9 days ago. Now, I have everyone in one place and I have interactive data on how we connect and relate. I have photos next to my contacts whether it is their business logo or their LinkedIn photo or their Facebook profile. One app all 5,068 contacts loaded and searchable dialable, textable and e-mailable all from one app. Also a nifty little home screen of all my usual contacts. I wonder how long it will take Apple to buy this one and make it standard on all their iProducts? I would it’s, iBrilliant!

Getting the ducks in a row!

A new year always sparks a cleaning house and getting organized bug in my brain. I have found that includes organizing the business cards I collect in my computer bag and purse. Card Munch is an irreplaceable mobile application for this feature. It allows me to photograph the business card with my iPhone camera. The image is then sent to a real human who translates to card and enters the information into searchable fields that will integrate into my phone’s address book. If that isn’t cool enough, it allows me to merge offline networking with online networking. The app has features that will send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn to any card you entered that has an e-mail address. What a brilliant feature! You can even customize your invitation message. I should note that Card Munch was recently purchased by LinkedIn, meaning they too noticed how useful it is! The app keeps track of your contacts and allows you to search them by name or company in its own address book if you’d rather not integrate your new contacts into your phone’s e-mail you can just store them in the app. I hope you find this as helpful as I do. I don’t receive anything for sharing this application just the joy of knowing I may have helped others get their bags cleaned out!