Breaking up with Lynda…

Did you know you could learn almost everything you want to know about CS 5.5 from Adobe TV free of charge? is a great resource but her knowledge does not come cheap. So, for new media designers on a budget, especially if you had to pay for the Adobe Design Premium Creative Suite with your own money, it’s great to know that the tips and tricks are free. Just visit and search any question you have about one of the programs. It will bring up a list of episodes related to your topic. This is one of my favorite episodes, Publishing to digital devices. It shows how you can use InDesign CS 5.5 to become an e-publican in an instant! It’s OK, Lynda and I are still friends.

3 responses to “Breaking up with Lynda…

  1. Great post Hillery. My experience has been that there’s pretty much nothing you can’t learn online for free. I taught myself Applescript almost entirely through free online resources — especially Ben Waldie at plus Adobe’s and Apple’s own forums. As well as being cheaper, I believe this way of learning is also quicker — because you’re only investing your time in the bits you need to know. m.

  2. Thanks, M! This is my new blog, I hope you will continue to visit and share great site recommendations! Free learning is a way people can keep their minds active in this economy, especially if they are out of work!

  3. The new features in Fireworks CS4 relaly make it a excellent prototyping tool. I’ve known it to often be compared to Photoshop or Illustrator as a bit of a poor man’s version but I think this is unfair.

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