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Setting things on fire!

Today’s tutorial is great for movie posters and antique aircraft photos. While I don’t like to set too many things on fire the basic skills in this one have multiple applications. Plane on fire tutorial.

Sunrise…sunset, fast and real looking sunrays

Ever wish you could tweak the sunrays on a landscape for an illustration? or create that eerie beam me up Scottie feel? This is a great tutorial to enhance mother nature. Russell Brown is fun and his tutorials are great. I’d add him to your faves! Making sunbeams quick and easy

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From J-school to the private sector in 30 days

While commercial work is considerably different from journalism, there are fair amounts of similarities in the art departments. Quality production is a mutual goal as well as the need for technological savvy.  The tools used are the same but most photojournalists PhotoShop skills are limited by an ethical  wall that keeps them at a rudimentary level. My challenge to photojournalists and newspaper photo editors is to venture over the wall to boost your skills. I’m not saying throw ethics out the window!

I am saying make yourself marketable to other industries. The needs of the private sector dictates another set of goals for the images you produce. No longer are you solely charged with producing accurate creative representations of news events. This new landscape depends on your ability to create moods and feelings to promote an idea. That is not always possible with just your camera. It means venturing onto the manipulation side of the PhotoShop tool palette. The world beyond burning, dodging, cropping and toning is rich. Everything I teach my visual communications students, I taught myself through useful and creative tutorials.

Over the next 30 days I will share my favorite over the line tutorials. I will use the tag J-P30 so you can catch up on the tutorials when you have time by visiting the tag cloud and clicking on it.

So here’s today’s the face shattering effect. This is from a great tutorial site to add to your bookmarks!