It’s been a long time……..but change has come!

It has been a busy week. I had business lunches on Monday and Wednesday. I had interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday both went well. I had a third opportunity come up on Thursday. When it rains it pours. I was offered a job on Friday and I knew it was the one I wanted. A great fit, exciting work for a company I believe in.

So I’m back to the land of the employed and I’m eager to begin my new journey. I will be back to focusing on my tips and tricks for innovating marketing management. All while putting them to practice on a daily basis. I’m so excited to have you all following my journey! Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words.

Hillery Shay

Manager of Brand Services at HealthEast


5 responses to “It’s been a long time……..but change has come!

  1. I’m hitting my Staples easy button. ;-p Congrats Hillery!

  2. Lovin’ it Hillery! You’re a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing all the great tips and advice!

  3. Congratulations, Hillery!

  4. Allison Sandve

    Hillery — Your blog posts are thoughtful — and thought-provoking. Looking forward to meeting the writer … which I will, come Monday! My name is Allison Sandve; my office is across the hall from yours. We’re thrilled to have you on board. Welcome to HealthEast!

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