Chasing the Diaspora: Day 5

Genuine interest.

Showing a genuine interest in multicultural Diasporas is the best way to turn their interest in your products into ROI. Acknowledge the culture and tout your company’s interest in the concerns and challenges of the groups you are targeting. I don’t think it is inappropriate to point out your company’s support for national progress organizations such as the United Negro College fund or sharing your company’s support of legislation that matters to your target audience. Jets make sure that this interest is genuine and long-standing. Making a large donation before launching your African-American Product line will seem ill-timed and patronizing. Sharing long-standing interest will go a long way for building good will.

So this is Day 5, I have shared some ideas on multicultural marketing basics. I have only scratched the surface but I’m willing to delve deeper if there are more specific questions people have. What are your thoughts?


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