Chasing the Diaspora: Day 4

If your budget is tight, then only focus your efforts on products or services that are relevant and being under utilized by your ethnic target market. What I mean by this is you should assume normal use products don’t need a special pitch. All ethnic groups and races clean their home. So, there is no real need to re-shoot your Pine Sol commercial for multiple ethnic groups. The need to keep one’s home clean is a universal need sort of like bathrooms. Everybody does it.  It is better to focus your efforts on cultural understanding of how your products or services are used.

On day 1 I gave an example of how three different ethnic groups use the same product. The Caucasian family using Crisco to grease a baking pan, the African-American family using Crisco to fry chicken, and the Latino family using Crisco to fry yucca. I did that to show that different uses that are culturally relevant exist. This was not to suggest that African-Americans and Latinos don’t use Crisco to bake or that Caucasian families don’t fry foods. It was rather about letting your audience know, that your company has taken the time to explore common practices in other cultures. It sends the message that you have put forth the effort to include their norms, in your company’s definition of normal use.

It is my opinion that the effort to place cultural experiences into mainstream society is one way companies can maximize their appeal to multiple ethnic populations. While a company can’t be all things to all people, you will gain my customer loyalty by demonstrating that my purchasing dollar is something you are willing to court.

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