Chasing the Diaspora: Day 2

Do your homework. Careful consideration needs to go into the products or services you want to target to a multicultural audience. As a part of that homework, ASK! Ask someone in that audience. Actually, ask a few people.  One of my favorite stories is about the failed sales campaign of the Chevy Nova in Mexico. Had someone asked a person Latino descent about this marketing plan, they might have pointed out that few people would want to buy a car whose name means “No Go” in Spanish.

While surveys and market research are good, I find that surveys presented to me about my culture are not actually asking the right questions. It is clear that in creating the survey someone forgot to ask African-Americans, what questions to put on the survey.  A poorly populated survey is doomed from the start. I am never offended when someone who really wants to know about my culture, asks honest questions. I often think highly of clients who admittedly hire me because of my cultural background for a diverse project. It means they really want to know and make the best decisions from a knowledgeable perspective. This is not to say that I speak for an entire race of people, but it does mean they honestly want to earn the business of people like me.

So the lesson from day 2 is do your homework. If you don’t know, ask.

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