Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

This is a typical warning printed on the side view mirrors of most vehicles. It serves to warn you that things you see approaching are in closer proximity than you might think. My Pastor spoke of this in reference to the Kingdom of God today. It dawned on me that this is also applicable in the business world. Strategic planning is basically knowing which maneuvers and decisions one should make based on what they see happening around them.

In 2009 It was clear to me that while the newspaper industry had suffered for a while, it had finally begun to affect my workplace. A second round of buyouts was followed by layoffs that required a reduction in my already overworked staff. Budgets that stayed flat were celebrated as the new growth and more and more talented people were leaving for new jobs and their positions were remaining unfilled. I made a strategic play to go back to school and get my MBA because I could see the objects in the mirror.

I was laid off 6 months before my graduation. I am grateful for seeing the warning signs, knowing I would be ready for the next chapter in my life. The view from here is better. I know the potential for a new and great career is there. In fact, I see the signs that objects in this mirror are closer than they appear. I have had more traction on my resume than before, I have had both phone and in-person interviews. I have had time to make up in my mind what I want to do next and my search is more focused and targeted.

It is important that we react when we see the alert signs. I know that my new career is just around the corner even though it feels far off. I have begun mentally preparing myself for a full schedule again. I get up early though sleeping in for the past 8 months has been kind of nice. I have applied for more positions since I can see interest in my skill sets growing. I have a new childcare plan in mind for my daughters. I am saying thank you now for the alert in the mirror now because I know it’s coming. I have chosen to be happy now instead of waiting to be happy. I am glad that the objects seen in the mirror are coming toward me

2 responses to “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

  1. Thanks for this post, HIllary. I left full comments on LI, but just wanted to say you inspire me today.

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