Mini tantrums

Well it happened. The job I really wanted isn’t mine. I did not make it to round 3. This is not the standard rejection letter or you have great qualifications etc. I had been there more than once and researched the company and begun to picture myself there, so moving on takes a little work. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that when something bad happens, it’s ok to let yourself have the mini tantrum. The mini tantrum allows you to keep your sanity and speed up the grieving process.

The most important thing to remember is that if you keep the anger and disappointment inside, it will only harm you internally. It will build up and cause you to doubt yourself. Sometimes I like the dance it out mini tantrum. I just blare some of my favorite 90’s music and do really bad dances I learned in college. Have you ever seen an angry “Cabbage Patch?” It ain’t pretty! Yesterday I threw the “watching far too many episodes of 24 while eating chocolate and drinking half a bottle of wine” mini tantrum. This is a great quiet tantrum especially when the kids are sleeping! The second part to both of these tantrums is the important need to spill the beans. I shared my frustration with friends and family

If you let out the bad news and share it with friends and colleagues, some amazing things happen. You are instantly surrounded by people who will remind you of how talented you are. The best part is these people are believable because they actually know you! The morning after your mini tantrum, get up have whatever you want for breakfast (cause these calories don’t count after a mini tantrum) and plan a fun activity to celebrate your making it through the dark night.  Today, I will read “The Lorax” at my daughter’s preschool and we will see the movie this afternoon when the girls get home from school. Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday is a great cure for the blues! Lastly, be grateful for having a network of family and friends to lean on. I have a gratitude list on my computer. I add a few things a day. Today I’m grateful for not getting the job, because it was not God’s will.

Monday morning I will be back at the job of finding a job knowing I have a lot to offer and a lot to be grateful for.


7 responses to “Mini tantrums

  1. Hang in there Hi. He has a GREAT plan for you. Enjoy your family and know that we all LOVE you!

  2. Karen Mitchell

    Hil, sorry you didn’t get a job today, but I agree that there was something about THAT job that wasn’t right. You might not know exactly the reason why for days or even years, but something about it wasn’t the right fit for you at this time.

    Shout, kick, scream, let it all out. Then move on. Don’t dwell, move past it. Something better is out there for you. In the mean time, eat some of the Doctor’s birthday cake!

  3. I want to say something intelligent that will raise your spirits, but I am having difficulty assembling the words. I think I am struggling because there is nothing I can say that you don’t already know. This is just a bump in the road. A year from now you won’t even remember what company was stupid enough not to bring you on. Looking for a job sucks. You start to doubt if you are nearly as great as you have made yourself out to be. Don’t do that. The hiring process in most companies is terribly flawed. People are conducting interviews that have no idea what questions they should ask or what they are even looking for. I don’t doubt you for a moment. I am not telling you that because you need to hear it, I am telling you that because it is what I believe. Perseverance is the key. Don’t doubt how great you are, trust me it is the system that is flawed.

  4. It sounds like you are secure in Him, thats all that matters, He will put you in the right place

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