IT’s coming!PhotoShop touch for iPad!

I have drooled over this App for a while. I recently shot a wedding and displayed some of the photos on my iPad at the reception. I wished I could have had a little more control over the images before display. You see I took the hour between wedding and reception to quickly load about 25 images on my iPad to position at the guest book table. I wanted the ability to create a cover for the album with the couples name and wedding date on it or remove odd background items.  The apps I had only allowed basic color correction and cropping. If I was going to pay for an app I wanted it to allow me most of the functions of PhotoShop. You see the better these images looked and the more polished a quick presentation, the more photo orders I would likely receive from friends and relatives. I had already secured a great order from the happy couple, this was my chance to influence the impulse buy of people who would also want these images. People who order from me while still at the wedding, increased my bottom line before the wedding was over, call it the wedding glow!

I knew PhotoShop touch was out there, I was just waiting for the iPad version, now, here it is.

BARCELONA: Adobe Photoshop Express is a great, free and highly usable iOS app for quickly fixing up your digital photos, but it pales in comparison to the desktop version of Photoshop. Last year Adobe introduced a solution: Photoshop Touch, but chose to bring it to the Android Tablet market first. Now, as promised, Adobe is finally bringing that powerful image editing capability to Apple‘s iPad 2. The company will announce the new app today in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

2 responses to “IT’s coming!PhotoShop touch for iPad!

  1. Hmmm, is this really worth it? If you’re taking photos with your i-pad, you obviously have a newer version (I have the first version of the i-pad and me thinks it is working too hard already…starting to remove some of the old apps and I only have 3 games). Wasn’t thinking about buying another one, but the thought of creating instant sales by showing images that can be retouched on the i-pad is giving me second thoughts… Good info. Thanks!

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