Wow, what a reaction! Whitney you’ll be missed!

Whitney Houston dies at 48. So sad really. Twitter is all about the Pop Legend tonight. The social microblog has transformed into a memorial. Tweet links to video’s and memories of the star’s greatest moments. It is unique when technology allows you to share your teen memories with millions of people. The world is virtually closer. I loved Whitney. I wanted to be her growing up. A beautiful voice, stardom and fame and she looked like me. That is something that makes an idol for children. I screamed the greatest love of all into a hairbrush when the video came on MTV, back when they showed videos! I will be anxiously watching the slightly impromptu tribute to the star on the Grammy’s tonight all while watching the Twitter feed. I’m a little sad for my loss, and greatly sad for the loss her daughter is feeling. I know this post is a little off topic for my blog but I can’t help but remember how I used all the technology I had access to tonight to reminisce about the love I shared with many for Whitney Houston.

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