Finishing up strong!

Strong week, I even quoted Ice Cube yesterday because “it was a good day!” I had a strong week on the job search, finished a new ad for a client, made it to round two in the interview process for two different opportunities and started round one for a third! I wrote a guest blogging piece for one of my favorite bloggers, when it runs I’ll share! My kids are well and I’ve learned to tune out the dog’s snoring. It has been a week of focusing on my strengths, staying positive and being thankful for the small stuff. We all need a little light at the end of the week so I thought I’d share mine with you all today. One of my favorite bloggers reminded me this week to “Think Small” and it helped! I started the week SMH (shaking my head) at all the blog orphans I discovered during my webbing, and I’m going to finish this work week by sharing some of the absolutely brilliant gems I frequent!

ManageBetterNow -On a daily basis I get smarter and think more about how I can serve others as a manager when reading ManageBetterNow. My friend I have named John (not his name but he feels like a John and incidentally my father’s name was John,) thinks he’s writing a management blog, but he’s actually teaching a course on servant leadership and writing the book on how I will approach any new endeavor. He doesn’t even charge for this stuff!

Life Can/Do – Tim, I love the name of this blog! Shares poignant life lessons and reactions to life that I find insightful and artfully complex for a clearly left brained IT human. Loved last week’s post on Responsibility gosh we all should be so bold as to put it in writing!

Maze A Day cause I’m a visual human and I can stare at these beautiful pieces of Maze art and get lost in them! I have actually printed a couple out and tried them. They are real mazes!

Lead, Learn, Live by David Kanigan He made me cry yesterday with these beautiful words “…You don’t need to wait for your turn at life’s inevitable traumas to learn the flourishing of those who thrive.” Always good thoughts, feelings and life leading lessons in each of his posts. I get excited when I see a new one and read them right from my iPhone!

So visit these or others, there are so many nuggets out there together we will fight blog abandonment by reading the thoughts of those who are kind enough to share! I’ll get back to geeking out on new media tools next week! Have a great weekend!

4 responses to “Finishing up strong!

  1. Thank you Hillery. I’m glad to know the passage moved you as it did me. Dave

  2. I was clearly tardy to the party on this post. Sorry it has been a busy week, but I am catching up now. First, I am super excited about your job prospects. I don’t see how anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting you would not want to hire you on the spot, but I am quite confident that good things are coming your way.
    I appreciate your kind words. I really have absolutely no plan for my blog. I write whatever happens to be on my mind that day. I am thrilled that a few readers seem to be enjoying and benefiting from the posts. I will keep writing, if you keep reading.
    Thanks again, and let me know how the job search is progressing.

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