Check out Raisin in Minnesota!

I just started a new venture today with my dear friend Rene Syler AKA Good Enough Mother we call her GEM! Because she’s a Gem of a woman who has a wonderful story of reinventing herself after leaving the CBS Early show. We love reinvention in the business world so it’s all relevant.   I will be writing for her twice a month on Thursdays. Today was the debut of my new column Raisin in Minnesota, yes it’s a pun and I like it! My column will focus on interracial marriage, parenthood and stepmommery in Minnesota. If you are looking for a keeping it real take on Motherhood I suggest you frequent you can always find the link in my blogroll!


2 responses to “Check out Raisin in Minnesota!

  1. I very much enjoyed your introductory post on Good Enough Mother. You have an absolutely beautiful family. I really hope that I get to meet them all someday. Good luck with the new column.

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