Orphaned Blogs……………

Sounds sad doesn’t it? Cute little smart nuggets of potential left languishing on the internet. No nurture no care and no love.  I know, you’re busy or you have exhausted your list of topics. Run out of quippy puns and anecdotes for the world?  Don’t worry, it’s not to late. I’m here to tell you your blog misses you and will take you back! They won’t ask where you’ve been they just want a parent someone to claim them and restore them to their socializing glory. Sending out updates to followers is their reason for being and they have not forgotten how. In as long as it took you to read this and hang your head in shame, you can write a new post. Just a few words of encouragement for friends, a new You Tube video you love, or the joke you heard yesterday. It doesn’t expect you to write a novel, 2 words to start is perfect. “Welcome Back!”

8 responses to “Orphaned Blogs……………

  1. I am seriously thinking about blogging, it’s just that I am not a great writer but i shouldn’t let that stop me right?

  2. You make it sound so easy – I’ve started off the year trying to do a “daily snap” on my facebook page showing at least 1 image a day – whether it’s a current shot or something old – I might as well blog it instead! Good advice!

    • You should! Your Facebook friends are not your only audience! We are not friends on Facebook, so I’ve been missing out on some great photos! I’d love to have a photo a day arrive in my inbox! 🙂

  3. Love the reminder! Thanks 🙂

  4. It’s not like i’m the parent of an orphan, it’s more like I check in once or twice a month when I feel compelled (which is better than writing for the….sake of writing)….& I’ve been all over the place it seems, which, I admit, I like. Logic can take you from A to B, Imagination & Optimism can take you anywhere!
    the yankee

  5. Ironically, I ran out of the “energy” to continue. But, some day….

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