Help them keep their dignity!

A dear member of my virtual family who writes the blog ManageBetterNow recently wrote about interview karma.  He touches upon the fact that we have all been on the interviewee’s side of the table and how there are so many uncontrollable emotions going on at that moment for the job seeker.

As I prepare for interview #2 this week I hope the person on the other side is aware of this. There is nothing more humbling than needing to be at the top of your game while wondering if the person interviewing you is at least present (mentally) and focused during your interview. The feelings of discouragement, competition and embarrassment at needing a job, are already there.

So, if you are conducting an interview in the near future, put down your phone, tune in to the person walking on the high wire in front of you and give them every opportunity to shine. It is your job to evaluate them, so ease the test anxiety and make them feel welcome. There is usually a good reason they made it on your list of candidates. After all, karma is a bleep and pretty much dictates that the places will change at many points in your life!


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