Sticking the landing!

In every gymnast’s career there are years of skills training, practice and strengthening focused on learning the pieces to their routines. They put together routines for every apparatus they perform on in every competition. They are judged on degree of difficulty, artistry, poise and balance. They get up early, stay late and work on every aspect of the performance. In the back of their minds, they know that after all is said and done; they’ve got to stick the landing.

You work hard and educate yourself and train for every aspect of your career. You have your career routines down. When a new competition is at hand, do you stick the landing? Do you deliver beyond what is expected? Do you remember how good it feels?

I had that feeling today. I had an interview with the top creative staffing agency in town. Previously when I had spoken with the recruiter she was very kind and let me know that transitions in management are hard without 10 plus years of experience in that field as a leader. She asked if I would consider entry to mid level positions, I told her I would consider them, but that I prefer management because of my experience and skill (I didn’t mention the routines, as she was not aware of my analogy).

When I went in for my interview today I was interviewed by an account manager and again I was given the initial “transitions are hard” speech.  Then she began to question my experiences, what I had learned and all that I had done with or without the “appropriate title,” she realized I knew my chosen new field really well. In addition, I was easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. I dressed for my interview with her as if I were a Creative Director already. She complimented my look. (Not all creatives are disheveled!) I articulated clearly and did not waver about my desires. In the end she looked at me and said “You are impressive on paper, but you’re phenomenal in person! You won’t be hard to market as leader and you won’t be on the market long!”  Dismount, (flying through the air) Nailed it!

3 responses to “Sticking the landing!

  1. “You are impressive on paper, but your phenomenal in person!

    We’ve known this about your for years. Thanks for sharing this uplifting experience with us. And congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself.

  2. I have to agree. Congratulations.

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