Consulting is relationship building

I hosted a party this weekend for my MBA classmates. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and check in on life after MBA. When I was ask what I was doing, of course I said consulting and teaching.  The follow-up of course was “How do you sell yourself?”  This is accompanied by that “I’m not cut out for sales. I don’t have the personality for it.” I said “PrimariIy, I build relationships.” My husband laughed and said “No, Hill you make friends….for life!” Ok so I have friends from every stage in my life. My oldest friend is from the age of 6, and we still chat regularly.

The myth that selling your services requires the boisterous “can sell Holy water to Jesus” personality is just that, a myth. People want to know that you genuinely want to help them solve their problems and at a fair price. It is also worth mentioning that marketing and selling are too different things. When you market you help point out a need for a service or product. Good marketing creates the demand for the service. Selling is convincing clients to make this transaction with you or your company.  I find sincerity is my best attribute. I genuinely want to help people and I love solving problems. By the time a client reaches out to me, they have already decided that my skills are something they are interested in. This is the time when they are genuinely debating on finishing the transaction with me. I don’t need to go into heavy car sales mode, I just need to make a new friend. I know this means my circle of friends keeps growing, but my husband is right, I befriend, for life!

Here is a great site with steps to work  on selling your service!

5 responses to “Consulting is relationship building

  1. Great article. Enjoyed the fact that you are promoting how valuable it is to be genuine with potential consumers/business associates. That message gets lost in today business world. Consultants/businesses forgot how easy it is getting for the average client to find how genuine someone is. So much is accessible to the public.

    Great blog.

  2. I started my own training business about ten years ago, and then gave it up after two years. I did not give it up because it was not profitable, it was (barely, but that still counts as profitable). I gave it up because I hated trying to aggressively sell my services. The web was not what it is today and most of my sales efforts were based on networking and cold calling. I hated it. My networking skills were woefully inadequate, and I would have to bribe myself to make cold calls. This is such a different age now. I am amazed at how many friends I have made in such a short time of being online. We are bombarded with so many things each day. I have to go through and delete users just about every night on twitter because I am tired of their constant marketing. The only way to rise above the noise is to build relationships. It takes a whole lot of time and patience, but I do think that the payoff will be there.

    • Yes thank goodness the field has changed. being genuine is a great ice breaker. Sorry about your Ravens the played a good game! My Patriots Jersey is ready for another Super Bowl!

  3. I am really enjoying the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues? A handful of my blog audience have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

    • I think it makes a difference the variation of the theme you choose. I used a Coraline theme with two columns and it adjusts nicely for sidebars and mobile devices because it keeps the main body copy centered. This is the best trick for insuring that your blog looks good on tablets and screens since tablets and phones are single column devices. Try a couple of different themes with this design option and see what you think. The best part about WordPress is that switching theme layout is easy and you can always go back! Hope this helps!

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