Share your wisdom with me, please.

How do you stand out  in a job market that is over saturated? I have heard of being aggressive, but how aggressive can you be before one becomes rude? Writing a good resume is key, I get that it is your first impression, but what if your impression never makes it to the hiring manager? Computerization has handicapped the people person in my opinion. Layers upon layers of digital red tape. A  lot of the programs upload your resume and then require you to trim and reformat so much, that none of the design you put into the document is evident by the time you reach the summary page.

So what’s a people person to do? Sure there are networking events, but often the hiring managers are not at these functions. Job fairs and lines are not really effective since everyone is there lined up for the same two positions and often recruiters are slightly dazed when it is your turn.

I do well when I come in contact with real people, as my husband puts it I’m more interested in connecting with people than I am about anything else. If I make a good connection with someone, I will be a loyal patron. When I explain to my husband that we are going to a particular wine shoppe on the other side of the metro, rather than the one conveniently located down the street, he laughs and says “you must have made a new friend!” He’s usually right! My ability to connect with people is my best weapon. Sure I have a wealth of other skills, but how does one do battle in this economy without your best weapon?

People are the foundation of all business, yet so many businesses have infused processes that are designed to specifically to keep you from connecting with the real people doing the hiring.  So while I usually have something to offer you here each day, today I want to know your thoughts on getting past the computerized gate keepers? Feel free to post articles or information, Im sure all of my readers would like to know this as well! Thanks -Hill


4 responses to “Share your wisdom with me, please.

  1. My favorite source for this question is Dan Miller of He specializes in finding the work you love. His book, 48 Days to the Work You Love has a lot of good tips about how to get past the computerization that’s popular on so many job-hunting sites. My favorite product of his is the weekly podcast, for general job and business questions.

    I’m a people person like you, so I feel your pain! Some of these modern companies feel so faceless sometimes. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Sara I will check him out!

  3. I think bigger companies tend to use screening software. You maky want to target smaller to mid sized companies. Be proactive, if you have some some or midsized companies near you that you would like to work for then try to find out who the HR manager is. Send them a cover letter that explains exactly how you can help them. They may not be advertising any opening because they may not know that they need you yet. If you want to increase the chances that they actually see it, send it in a priorty main envelope. It is an inexpensive way to send your resume, but it looks really official so it might actually get opened by the person you address it to. I also cam across this site a while back:

    It talks about how you can use keywords in your resume much like you would to boost your SEO. They had a few good suggestions in there. Keep trying to get your information into the right people’s hands. Stay confident!!

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I’m staying confident, No complaining and trying to keep the positive vibes flowing. It has just been a frustration of mine to not connect with real people!

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