Creativity, not just for creatives!

We all benefit from creative thinking. Yet we all hit mental road blocks. I know a lot of the posts on my site seem geared towards the naturally creative but the truth is you are as creative as you feel. It is all about how you express that creative solution. A unique approach to a problem is as creative as a sculpture. It’s all about the medium you choose. For me photography and Design are my creative releases, yet the right brain exercise helps me think of unique solutions to every obstacle in my life and career. Creative exercises really get the juices flowing. Here are two great articles about simple exercises to help you find your passion.

Five Creative Exercises to find your passion.

Creative thinking won’t put you in a sweat!

One response to “Creativity, not just for creatives!

  1. I am creative, it is artistic talent that I lack. You are giving me hope.

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