Tutorial catch-up! Digital Facials.

Everyone needs a day of rest so today I have two tutorials for you. One of the most sought after commercial Photoshop skills is facial retouching. For brides and high school graduates, it is essential to look your best. It is also key to make the changes look realistic.

So today’s tutorials are about smoothing out facial blemishes. and enhancing eye-color. Both are good skills to have for freelance work that depends on people looking and feeling their best.



Facial Retouching

enhancing or changing eye color


4 responses to “Tutorial catch-up! Digital Facials.

  1. 30 days of this stuff, right? So we’re half way through.

    • Yes Karen halfway through! Hey there are a lot of wedding shooters on the weekend now a days! Are you enjoying the other stuff at least?

      • Karen Mitchell

        I know that there are people who need/want this content. I get it. But I still roll my eyes at posts like this one! Just having fun with ya. I know there will be at least one post that will be valuable for me, cause that’s who you are. A professional.

  2. I know you liked at least one 😉 I can see you trying puppet warp!

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