Hipster it’s not just for the iPhone image!

So I want to say thanks for taking this journey to the dark side with me. You have all been great sports! I started these photo manipulation tutorials to help start my visual friends thinking about their futures and how to survive in today’s economy. With so many photographers and editors out of work, it is nice to know that there is a way for you to use your skills in the private sector. So continue to check-out the tutorials marked J-P30, short for J-school to the private sector in 30 days. It may allow you to start taking those small commercial jobs to keep the lights on. Who knows, you might even like it! 😉

Today’s tutorial actually has both editorial and commercial contexts. Editorially giving a photo a hipster feel would be great when shooting a special section cover for the wonderful throwback uniforms the NFL teams wear during the season. If you are looking to make a photo illustration that looks right out of the 1970’s this one is for you. Commercially there are clients who sell vintage items that want a period feel for their products so this one works well for that too.  Hipsterizing your digital images

5 responses to “Hipster it’s not just for the iPhone image!

  1. I haven’t gotten past the intro to the video yet, but here’s something I really like about it: You only need version CS3 or higher! I know many of us can’t afford to always have the latest version of these great apps, so it’s really neat that this process can be done using older versions of Photoshop. Nice.

  2. ok, now i’ve watched the whole video and I can say that I hate the hipster look. That is all. Back to work now.

  3. Karen you are too funny! But every look has it’s place there was a time your photos couldn’t help but look that way!

  4. I love smart filters. The “light leak” plugins are cool, but I would have never guessed this effect would be popular when I tossed those end of the roll film shots!

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