Do you empower your employees?

I’m currently reading Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler’s book “Empowered.” In my opinion this is a must read for any manager or business exec who is not sure how the social media groundswell can either hurt or help their business.  In the book Bernoff and Schadler describe the changes in doing business in the social media era. It goes deeper than building brand loyalty by luring loyalists with text message coupons or early sales announcements. It speaks to the need for companies to empower their employees to solve the problems of the empowered consumer regardless of their job function. No longer can the empowered consumer be put off until Monday to speak with a supervisor who can help them when they feel they have been wronged. Today’s consumer can and will take to the social-sphere and trash a company with poor customer service, yet if you react in time and the person monitoring social media has the power to solve the customer’s problem, those same consumers will become the greatest promoters. Empowered employees are the best way to satisfy empowered consumers! Wise thoughts from a writing team who really gets it!

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