iPad slideshows, sooo easy they “Take 5” minutes!

Photo Slideshow Director  is my fun tool of the day! It is an iPad app that allows you to import photos from existing albums from Picasa, Flickr, or Facebook. You can bling them out, add music from your iTunes and then export to You Tube, Facebook, or your device photo album in minutes.  I made this quick slideshow of  some pages produced at the Pioneer Press in about 5 minutes. There are licensing and copyright issues with using music from iTunes that is copyrighted, my use is for illustrative purposes and the music is clearly labeled on YouTube. So I use the rule of playing it for personal use and not to sell a product. So since I get nothing from sharing cool stuff I run across, We should be good! If you do want to produce slide shows for commercial use and are in need of music you can afford the rights to, try friendlymusic.com. As for Photo Slideshow Director, the transitions are smooth and up-to-date with creative backgrounds. This is a great tool to jazz up a presentation or portfolio.

2 responses to “iPad slideshows, sooo easy they “Take 5” minutes!

  1. Big fan, certainly read every post, but most are likely geared for people with considerably more artistic talent than I. This one I am trying. I will download the app this evening and give it whirl. Thanks for the information as this is something I never would have discovered on my own.

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