Thank you and some updates!

Thanks for all the views 2000 in one month seems like a healthy start for me. I love how that many people actually care about what I have to say. I really had only counted on like twenty! So again, thanks everyone.


I finally dug up some images and added a flickr feed. It’s been a while since I was shooting so keep that in mind! To those balking at the photo manipulation tutorials, I want to set the record straight I love photojournalism. However I love employed photographers, designers and editors more!  As a creative manager I had set a personal goal to impart survival skills to my former staff. I now want to do that from my blog. So bear with me for this thirty-day foray to the dark side as Karen put it!  After that you can send me notes if you want more!

I will also begin a 30-day series for InDesign as well in the coming months. Interspersed will be my usual tips, cool gadgets, marketing and leadership advice.  So stay tuned and thanks for the 30 days of blog love! As always I appreciate it when you share with friends and click the follow button. -Hill


2 responses to “Thank you and some updates!

  1. As an amateur (very amateur) photographer myself, I appreciate content related to photography, especially from an experienced professional photojournalist. Photography is something I can do poorly and still find enjoyment.

    Your Flickr photos were inspiring.

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