What did you learn socially in 2011?

Since everyone’s got a list at the end of the year here is one I love! Don’t get caught with your virtual pants down in 2012!
Instead; keep your head up, look both ways, be kinder tomorrow than you are today, complement people when you want nothing in return, do good and tell no one, vote, return the grocery cart, hold a door open for someone other than an elderly or pregnant woman, say “please” and “thank you” Tell all the people you love that you love them and Follow my Blog!
Wishing you peace, love and a kick-ass new year! -Hill

2 responses to “What did you learn socially in 2011?

  1. Great words. I laughed when I saw “return the grocery cart” because I can’t leave the parking lot until I do. I know that should be expected but when it is pouring rain and the corral is far from your car nobody is going to think less of you for just leaning it on the curb. I’m not going to let rain or any other hardship compromise my principles.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the follow! It is one of life’s accepted failures to leave that cart, but we can do better! Returning my cart is something I can resolve to do this year and actually get done!

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