What’s your reach job?

You remember when applying to college you had that one school that it might be a stretch to get into but If you were accepted you knew you’d rise to the occasion? OK so now focus that feeling toward the job you know you’d rise to the occasion for. What is it? Have you set your sights on it? Why not? While reading another of my favorite business author Daniel H. Pinks’ books “Drive.” In the book, Pink talks about the intrinsic motivators that drive people to be successful. The carrot and stick approach as he calls it is so “2000 and late.” Intrinsic motivators are how to inspire your staff, and yourself. So that same feeling you had about your reach school is what will compel you to rise to the occasion at your reach job. Ok I’m over simplifying but I challenge you to read the book, define your reach job and set your sights on it. You’ll rise to the occasion.

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