Finding your 5!

My top five are WOO (winning others over,)strategic, communication, futuristic and significance. When you buy Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder 2.0,  you get a code in the back of the book to do a strengths assessment on what you do well. I like people. I enjoy my relationships with people and I like to make sure people know where they stand with me. This is probably because every time I have taken this assessment I have scored WOO as my top strength. It is not just a fluke! The assessment is interesting because it asks you questions in a predictive way. The order is determined on your previous answers and the time it took you to answer it. It will then give you your top five strengths in rank order. There are 36 possible strengths and you can pay for your full list in rank order if you like, but the top 5 come with the book. I think the top 5 is enough since after the top 7 or 8 your percentage graph drops off significantly.

Learning my strengths allowed me to tailor my management style for success. I routinely enlisted buy-in for any new endeavor by being able to communicate the significance of that change. I was able to share the strategic reasoning behind a change and ultimately win over the people who needed to sign off or enlist. This is my strength on the team. I am a  social butterfly, big picture seer and strategic planner who likes the work I do to be meaningful. If you know what your strengths are you are able to choose or sign-up for the tasks on a project that suit you. Set yourself and your team up for success.

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